Searching for a new job while still holding down a role at your current workplace can certainly be a challenging task. However, if you wish to move on to bigger and better things, it is sometimes necessary to tackle this challenge head-on. You may find the following tips to be helpful on your job-searching journey:

Go Low Profile

A polished LinkedIn presence is a must for any job hunt, but if you’re already employed, there are certain rules you should follow.

Refrain from tagging that you’re looking for work and keep your skills consistent with your current job description. A major shift signals you’re repositioning yourself, which will raise suspicions with the folks who sign your paychecks.

Keep It to Yourself

If you’ve told one co-worker, you’ve told them all. But it’s not just gossip you have to worry about. It’s politics, too. There could be someone who’d love to make your loyalty an issue.

Same goes for social media. Don’t post that you’re interviewing or that you’ll soon have a shorter commute. If the wrong colleague sees it, you could lose your job before you get a new one.

Interview Outside Business Hours

How many dentist appointments can one employee have? Luckily, if you’re upfront about your need for discretion, hiring managers will accommodate requests for lunch or after-hours meetings.

It’s a less stressful way to interview. It’s also better for your colleagues and more fair to management – you know, the people who pay you.

Use Former Employers

A potential employer may ask for references. But you don’t want your boss on that call – not before you get a formal offer. Fortunately, most companies are fine with using past employers.

Either way, references are one of the last steps in the process so you’ll only have to sweat it if you’re close to success.

Remain Calm

Dreams of telling off a co-worker? Plans to blast the management? It’s never good to burn bridges, but if you must, hold your fire until it’s official with the new company. Otherwise, you risk having the rug pulled out. A good interview might put you on top of the world. Don’t let it go to your head.

In Closing

Looking for a new job while still employed is never easy. However, it is certainly not impossible. By following the tips outlined above by a career coach, you will soon be able to move on from your current role and land yourself the job of your dreams.